Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Will you be available for questions as we work through the course?

A. Absolutely, the collaboration in the Master Your Marketing community group on Facebook is what this is all about. I will do weekly live Q & A's for 6 weeks as you work through the modules. You can also email me any time for support. After the 6 week period, I will continue to show up in the Facebook community to answer questions and provide tips and tricks in a ever evolving world of marketing.

Q. When can we start the course?

A. As soon as you purchase the course, you can dive right in! I recommend doing one module a week so that you have time to implement what you are learning and be intentional about your work, remember, you only want to do this one time. If you decide to binge and do it in a weekend- go for it! I am all about leveraging the time you have when business is slower. Be careful tho, the side effect of implementation is a pipeline of excited clients, waiting to work with you!

Q. How long do we have access to the course?

A. For a lifetime as long as the course exists. You will have access to every version, as it evolves. It will be right there in your library for you to refer to, forever.

Q. How often will you open the course up for new students?

A. The course will open 3 times a year. Mid February, mid August and mid October- when the housing season is JUST about to give us a bit of a breather and we can dive in and invest in our business. PS I recommend always taking one marketing course per year and getting one real estate designation per year. Its great for you and your clients.

More questions??

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