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“Listening to a Paige's advice about showing up with content and consistency every day made me realize a.) I'd never really done that in any of my former roles, from teacher to direct sales, and b.) it was more important to start developing that voice and targeting the specific audience with purpose. I knew I needed direction and a step-by-step plan to recraft a brand, and this course was the perfect place to start. As a brand new agent in a brand new city, this course provided direction and motivation when I felt very unsure and overwhelmed. It also helped me realize I've barely scratched the surface of the all the ways I could be connecting with my audience; I've had the social media tools all along but didn't know how to use them effectively. The people from high school and earlier who are coming out of the woodwork asking for real estate advice... Even from other states. The silent follower, who I didn't know was listening, sends me a referral when her cousin's neighbor moved to Seattle.

-Aly z

I wasn't expecting to actually get so much one on one coaching. I've done lots of trainings where the teacher sells the coarse and you never hear from them. It's been great having someone who will actually answer questions and provide so much guidance. I have a marketing calendar now. I have videos that are in production and I have a photographer scheduled for more professional photos for branding. So much movement happening in my business!

-Cat L.

Paige leads by example and has valuable tips. Becoming a known and recognizable face in my community by implementing her tools.”

-Christy C.

“I love how Paige always showed up consistently on social media and her focus on building a heart- centered business and a go-giver. Her content is always engaging and I was drawn to her personality and authenticity. I am now more engaged in my business and marketing has become a little easier and feels more authentic because I get to show up as my authentic self. Knowing my ideal clients, marketing has become not only easier but more fun! Shifting the mindset to a place of abundance is also a win! This program has provided me with great confidence to show up on and offline. Paige is a true marketing rockstar with a genuine heart and she is fun! This program certainly empowered me and gave me clarity on how I want to show up in my business. This program has provided me with a comprehensible structure, actionable steps, and lots of courage! Incredible opportunities keep presenting themselves since going through this program. Thank you Paige!”

-Diana P.



Paige's course has been amazing! She gives so much valuable information, content and strategies to take your business to the next level using social media! I'm so much more efficient in planning in advance so I can focus on other parts of our business!”

-Yolanda A.

From the start, I related to Paige's business style and immediately wanted her for a mentor. I'm using your ideas for social media posts, I'm talking directly to MY ideal client and learned if I'm talking to everyone, I'm talking to no one. THAT has helped attract a handful of clients to call me....and I feel like this real estate thing might just be finally launching!”

-Brandie B.