“Listening to a Paige's advice about showing up with content and consistency every day made me realize a.) I'd never really done that in any of my former roles, from teacher to direct sales, and b.) it was more important to start developing that voice and targeting the specific audience with purpose. I knew I needed direction and a step-by-step plan to recraft a brand, and this course was the perfect place to start.”

-Aly z

“The people from high school and earlier who are coming out of the woodwork asking for real estate advice... Even from other states. The silent follower, who I didn't know was listening, sends me a referral when her cousin's neighbor moved to Seattle.”

“As a brand new agent in a brand new city, this course provided direction and motivation when I felt very unsure and overwhelmed. It also helped me realize I've barely scratched the surface of the all the ways I could be connecting with my audience; I've had the social media tools all along but didn't know how to use them effectively.”